A downloadable game for Windows

A Game made for the "1 Bit Jam"



You are a blind guy trapped in a room, you need to find the key and the exit door checking what you have around you.

There is a monster randomly wandering in that room too.



Move with arrow keys

Check around you with space



The game has two main state: Idle and checking.

The idle mode is the initial one, it's mainly black with white flashes which indicates the beating of your heart, faster it flashes and few hp you have. You switch to checking mode pressing space.

The checking mode is mainly white with black flashes. It is divided in four part: checking left, checking up, checking right, and checking down.

When you enter the checking mode it will cycle through left up right down automatically and for every direction the screen will flash in different modes indicating what you have on that direction:

1 long flash = wall;

1 short flash = free space;

2 short flashes = key;

3 short flashes = exit door;

7 short flashes = enemy;

So, for example if you have a wall on your left and your right, a free space up, and a key down the screen will do a long flash, a short one, another long one, and two short flashes and then will return in idle mode.

Install instructions

It's a single executable so just run the exe and you will be ready to go.

Reading the README is strongly reccomended


Escaping The Bit.zip 2 MB

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