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BeardedBear is an arcade 2d shooter platformer with roguelike elements about a bearded cyborg bear shooting aliens through time and space.

Cool features:

  • Randomly generated levels
  • Player exp and leveling system
  • Enemies exp and leveling system
  • Weapon random generation system based on random weapon types and bullet types
  • Custom music for every weapon-bullet combination
  • Time can slow down or speed up
  • Powerful bullets if you shoot on with rhythm
  • Beard selection to suit your play style
  • Boss levels every 5 levels
  • Retro CRT-scanlines look
  • Seeded runs *Dailies after release*
  • Looping system *Work in progress*

You can also read more about updates and stuff on IndieDB here : IndieDB BeardedBear Page

Any type of feedback is greatly appreciated.

N.B.: This is a demo version about the game, I do not know when it will be released/kickstarted/greenlit yet, but I'm working hard on it and I'll update the demo every one or two weeks. The demo now consists in the first three levels fully playable and the fourth level is a sort of "sandbox level" with debug commands to play with.

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